Company Profile

The Wilms® GmbH is a innovative German company under the brand PineGold. For more than ten years now, we have produced healthcare products on the base of pine heartwood. In this context, the main focus is to research the positive antibacterial effects of pine heartwood on our health. We are a recognized leader in the innovation, product development, research, design and manufacturing of healthcare products made of pine heartwood. Our products are exported worldwide - from Europe to the Middle East.

The Wilms company was created in 1893 as a private firm. Since that time, it has been passed down and still remains run by the Wilms family. The enterprise is an open commercial company under the leadership of Heinrich Wilms and Katharina Wilms. The Wilms company currently employs approximately 120 people at two locations.

Products Manufactured by Our Company

All our natural products are based on pine heartwood. We supply natural healthcare products, such as shampoo, hand & body cream, liquid soap, bar soap, shower gel, tooth paste.

Our Bed Mats help reduce dust-mite allergy symptoms; our germ-reducing Bath Mats are also very popular. In addition, we develop new products for our Customers, which use the positive effect of pine heartwood. Our certified products have won numerous awards - and enjoy high name recognition on the European market.

To read more about our european products, please visit www.wilms.com.


Wilms GmbH

Contact Name: Katharina Wilms, CEO
Address: Im Glanetal 6, 49152 Bad Essen, Germany
E-Mail: info@Pine-Gold.com
Website: www.pine-healthcare.com
Phone: +49 (0) 5427 9225 0
Fax: +49 (0) 5427 9225 13

Contact in UAE

Schnarwiler - Dubai
The Mall Shopping Center
Jumairah Beach Road
opposite Jumairah Beach Hotel

Open every day 10AM to 10PM

Phone: 00971 433 8 79 79