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Wilms Bath Mat
Healthy feet – with pine heartwood.

The Wilms® Hygienic Wood Bath Mat presents a new, natural way to not only combat foot fungus, but also to prevent it. The special ingredients of the pine heartwood chips are antibacterial, germ-killing and most importantly in this case, antifungal.

As a mat to be used outside the shower or bath, the Bath Mat serves as a great protection against foot fungus.

  • Naturally effective against causative organisms - such as those associated with foot fungus
  • Dry feet – due to moisture-absorbing wood chips
  • Absolutely anti-slip – due to its unique covering

Simple and effective

The Bath Mat is best used on the floor in front of the shower or bathtub. It is also a good idea to have one in front of the sink. Simply by stepping out onto the Mat after bathing or showering, the mat helps to avoid fungus in three ways:

Firstly, the pine heartwood quickly absorbs moisture on contact and prevents water from pooling. In this way it creates a dry, fungal-free surface for the feet.

Secondly, any pathogens that come in contact with the mat are rapidly carried inside the wood where they are effectively destroyed.

And thirdly, The fungus-inhibiting effect on the feet stems from the fact that when you step onto the Mat, the active ingredients in the wood are set into motion by the moisture and can then effectively kill pathogens.

Confirmed Effectiveness

In a study by the Institute of HygieneNord the Bath Mat was tested not only for private use but also in public areas to measure the effectiveness against foot fungus. The study found that depending on the specific fungal pathogen, the Mats were 90% to 99% effective in killing all fungal organisms. The result: In Wilms® Hygienic Wood Mats, fungal populations, bacteria and germs have no chance to grow. The novelty being that this is accomplished without the use of chemicals or other additives.



The chips are pressed onto a base material creating a thickness of 7mm. This mat is then wrapped in a material that allows for water, germs, bacteria and fungi to penetrate into the wood where they are then eliminated.

Sizes of the Bath Mat

The Bath Mat is available in two sizes: 18 x 16.5 in. and 33.5 x 18 in.

Care Tips

Since the Mats are natually antibacterial, they do not need to be cleaned. If you would still like to clean your mat, we suggest doing it with a damp rag. After use, you can leave your mat on the _oor to dry. It is a natural product that dries quickly. If your bathroom _oor is heated from below, the mat dries even faster.

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