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Wilms Bed Mat
Better Sleep - with Pine Heartwood.

The Wilms® Hygienic Wood Bed Mat is a type of mattress pad made from unique pine heartwood chips. This wood not only promotes restful sleep but also eliminates mites that thrive in mattresses. Studies show that with use of the mat 80% fewer mites were present and there was a decrease in allergy symptoms in over 80% of those tested. It also proved to deepen sleep.

A positive side effect of the wood is the pleasant atmosphere that is generated by the high resin content.

Naturally Mite-Reducing

In 2008, the University of Greifswald conducted a test proving that the amount of mites in bed is significantly reduced with the use of a Bed Mat.

Fifty people with dust mite allergies were given a mat. In addition to measuring the number of mites present in their beds, they were also asked if they felt different.

Results: Over 80% fewer mites were found in their beds and there was a decrease in allergy symptoms by over 80% of participants.

Mite reduction through use of pine heartwood mats (Insect Service) - Summary
Test of mite reduction (Greifswald University) -

The Structure of the Bed Mat

The Wilms® Hygienic Wood Bed Mat consists of a variety of small pine heartwood chips which are pressed onto a breathable fabric. This design allows for maximum effectiveness and ensures the resilience of the mat. The mats are a type of mattress cover which are just beneath the bottom sheet. They are held in place by the Elastic Fastening Clips that are included in the package. The mats are available in all sizes.

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