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Wilms® Camel Care Products

Natural Camel Care with the natural power of pine heartwood

What are Wilms® Camel Care Products?

Wilms® Camel Care Products use the active ingredients of pine heartwood for the protection and care of camel skin.The basic ingredient of this product range is the pine heartwood extract. Pine heartwood has built its power through hundreds of generations. Because of its unique wood, the trees remain healthy. Recent studies have shown that pine heartwood is effective against bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses. The natural components of the wood have also shown to have positive effects on the skin. This natural strength is what we use in our products.

When should Wilms® Camel Care Products be used?

Wilms® Camel Care Products are suitable for all general care purposes of skin. It is for weeping and itching eczemas, i.e. malanders as well as mite/insect bites, inflammations of the skin and small wounds. The pine extract acts as a cooling agent as it soothes and calms the skin and strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier.

More than 80 naturally effective ingredients

Lab analysis showed that the pine core contains more than 80 substances, i.e. flavonoides and terpenes. Scientists agree that a combination of many ingredients is responsible for the positive effects of the extract. The rule here, like everywhere in nature, is synergy — an ideal combination of ingredients that produces an extraordinary effect through careful, sensitive processing.

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