The Wilms® PineGold Skin & Body Care Series makes it possible to use the protective properties of pine heartwood for skincare. All PineGold products use the extraordinary power of pine heartwood for daily health and wellbeing.

The natural power of pine

Pine heartwood has built its power through hundreds of generations of nature. Because of its unique wood, the trees remain healthy.

Scientists agree that a combination of many ingredients is responsible for the positive effects of pine heartwood. The rule here, like everywhere in nature, is synergy — an ideal combination of ingredients that produces an extraordinary effect through careful, sensitive processing.

The Pine Tree. A classical medical plant.

The pine tree has been rated as a very much appreciated medicinal plant at all times. The healing properties of pine resin, shoots and needles have been known and used for a long time. However, the most valuable active substances can be found in the heartwood of the pine. It contains many active substances which have a positive effect on skin and health.

We promise!

  • All ingredients of our products are compliant with natural cosmetics.
  • We do not use synthetic scents, colorants or preservatives.
  • Furthermore, we do not use mineral oil based raw materials.
  • All our natural cosmetic products meet the high standard of NATRUE.
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Pine Heartwood – A Gift from the Nature

The long-living Bristlecone Pines of California live up to 4,000 years and older. They are older than the pyramids and resist inhospitable living conditions in altitudes of up to 3,300 meters. “Paradoxically, the pines get so old because they continually cope with the adverse growing conditions,“ said Patti Wells, a botanist with the U.S. Forest Service. Pine wood is very resinous and thus a good protection against fungi and insects. But even insects use this plant‘s defensive advantage. Swiss researchers found evidence that ants arm themselves with small pieces of resin for protection against bacteria and fungi, greatly increasing their survival rate. Birds and bees also use the resin to seal their nests.

Based on these health effects, various products have recently been developed by the Wilms® company which use the germ- and fungi-killing effect for people. The skin care product Wilms® PineGold, uses the active ingredients and the strength of the wood to care for the skin and to alleviate various skin ailments.

Pine heartwood kills bacteria and germs quickly and thoroughly. This phenomenon has existed over millions of years in nature and was perfected to help trees to survive. The Wilms entrepreneurs say that, „The strong germ-reducing properties of the wood have been known for centuries. We should take advantage of these positive qualities!“