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PineGold Facial Toner
Stabilizes sensitive and stressed skin.

Wilms® PineGold Facial Toner is a purely natural way to use precious pine heartwood ingredients for skincare.

Recent studies show that the extract significantly improves the skin.

It leaves the skin calm and balanced and minimizes skin cracks, reddening and tensions.

The Toner soothes stressed skin and strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier.

The light formula is quickly absorbed, refreshes and vitalizes.

  • Calms and clarifies skin
  • Stabilizes sensitive, stressed skin
  • Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier


Shake before use. Liberally spray onto face and neck, gently massage into skin and allow to dry. No rinsing necessary. Especially suitable for sensitive, impure and oily skin.

Due to its aqueous consistency the Toner is also ideal for the care of a stressed scalp and irritated skin areas. Use as pleasant treatment anytime a refreshment is needed.

For external use only.

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