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Wilms® Organic Falcon Country House

Falcon Health Through Pine Heartwood.

What is Hygienic Wood?

Hygienic Wood uses the power of nature - it uses the health-promoting properties of pine heartwood. Recent studies show that, in particular pine heartwood reduces bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses within a short period of time. In our Hygienic Wood, these properties are intensified through a patented, non-chemical process.

Moreover, the natural ingredients of pine heartwood have a positive effect: The ingredients lower pathogen levels and increase body regeneration leading to better health, day after day!

Hygienic Wood Aviary

Hygienic Wood aviaries are a novel concept based on the health effects of pine heartwood. The construction and furnishings of the aviary are made of specially constructed pine heartwood logs and chip mats ensuring hygienic conditions.

The Advantages of the Organic Falcon Country House:
  • Healthy indoor environment - effective against Aspergillus
  • Natural air filtration - through the Wilms® Hygienic Wood chip mats
  • Naturally hygienic perches – effective against Pododermatitis
  • Naturally antibacterial flooring with additional replaceable Hygienic Wood chip mats
  • Individually handmade, high-quality production - Made in Germany

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