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Wilms Horse Shampoo
Pleasant for skin and coat.

Wilms Horse Shampoo is made with pine heartwood extract and certified organic oils and extracts. It contains no synthetic ingredients or preservatives. It is created for use on the entire horse. The special formula provides gentle cleaning of horses’ coat, mane and tail.

The shampoo removes dirt and sweat thoroughly. It is also ideal for horses with sensitive or irritated skin and can act as assisting skin care in the treatment of itching spots or slightly inflamed areas.

Herbal tensides made from sugar and coconut sustainably support the gentle care and the function of the skin. Wheat proteins and grape seed oil make the coat shiny and sleek.

Effect by regular using:

  • protects and soothes stressed and hairless spots
  • strengthens the skins protective barrier
  • provides shiny and sleek skin
  • maintains skin healthy and vital


  • gentle and plant-based cleaning
  • ideal for the cleaning of sensitive and irritated skin
  • assisting skin care in the treatment of insect bites, itching spots


Wet coat areas which should be cleaned. Take a small amount of shampoo and gently massage it into coat and/or mane and tail, either manually or if applicable with a sponge.

Let lather remain for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water.

For external use only.

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